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   Introduction of Minronium                                                 

Philosophy of Minronium

minronium was created for this reason, while creating comfort and convenien for you. by using the postmodern minimal and rastic school of art, the knoweledge of wood industry engineering, the achievements of other sciences and the experience and skill of its. craftsmen in making beautiful and functional products, minronium provides the necessities and facilities for a happy and comfortable life for its customers. minronium gives meaning to its existence with this pattern we answer the question."whay was minronium created?" we answer simply and cleariy:" we are happy when we can be effective in increasing the joy and vitality of your life by creating beauty, comfort and happiness." with a sense of responsibility for meeting your needs and wants, we perform our duties correctly and diligentily in the minronium organization.



having a beautiful and comfortable living and working environment, which has lasting pleasure and comfort, requires compliance with architectural style and art, engineering rules and principles, in design and constraction, and the correct selection acvessories. creating vitality, confort and sustainable, comfortin life requires having a correct understanding of the factors and conditions leading to a better life and the qualitative and determining indicotors of those factors. without specialized knowledge, it is not possible to stabilize comfort and happiness for them in the living environment, in the age of advancing communication and information. taking advantage of the useful findings of humanities and technical engineering knowledge, minronium tries to create the necessary platforms by designing and producing standard furniture products, designing and producing standardfurniture products, designing decoration and beautification of the environment, by using homogen eous forms in content and efficiency, for to provide you with the creation of systems with comfortable output in the form of zabia, through the available resources.

the ability to create comfort, happiness and well- being for people becomes possible with the development of knowledge and the use of a set of artisitic and technological achievements. minronium is a bridge from the world of the knowe and science to the world of manifestation of meaningful action. the ability to combine art and industey in the design and production of furnuture and decoration essentials has given minroniums master craftsmen creative personnel the ability to meet your needs for furniture products with the best possible quality. by giving importance to the development of the culture of professionalism, by combiningthe experience and knowlwdge of colleagues with the skill of using new technologies, we want to fulfill our responsibility to our customers and fulfill minroniums mission of well-being, comfort and happiness. thy run.

 Minronium Worldviews and Perspectives

The use of furniture can be related to the beginning of house building and cohabitation. the role of furniture in creating comfort and physical well-being and creting order in peoples lives in very important. considering the useful function of furniture and its impacvt on the quality of life of families and citizens, furniture required attention and technical precision in design  and construction from the very beginning of peoples lives, so that by mixing the art of craftsmen and artisans, while having a useful function and necessary strength to have relative beauty. it is certain that wood was one of the first raw materials available to make furniture for manking gained more mimentum in its progress and growth. 

in the historical and grouing process of human civilization and in sync with the efforts od aechitects, engineers and industrialists, furniture production has made more progress to meet the vast and growing needs of people.the all-round attention of craftsmen and furniture makers to meeting the vast needs of people in designing and making furniture in different life conditions has become the main factor in creating diferent styles and various products in all parts of the world.

with the aim of realizing the vision of the company, by using the knowledge and art of the predecessors and learning from the experiences of master craftsmen, and by welcoming the initiative and cerativity, minronium seeks to fulfill its mission through the design and production of quality and beautiful furniture. in order to respond to the wide and diverse needs of customers, minronium is also looking for economic solutions in the production and supply of its products by using innovative methods in combining efforts to increase the quality of works.

at minronium we know that the source of all successd is a strong organization. therefore, in minronium empowering and increasing its capabilities in order to gain customer satisfaction and create value for them is our main goal. in todays competitive markets, minronium considers creating sustainable customersatisfaction as the only way to grow and develop its business.

in order to act on this world view, we will always remain loyal to the following four principles: 

1- Delivering value to the customer and creating value for him.
2- Observing the principles of comprehensive and sustainable development in design and construction.
3- Ensuring the benefit of all stakeholders of activities.
4- Empowering the company and increasing organizational capabilities with the aim of constantly improving the quality of production and performance

Minronium will perform better than its competitors in order to satisfy customers, meet their needs and create value for them. We will always be responsible and committed to the needs and wants of our customers. And we consider this way as the only sure way to earn profit and survival and growth and development of the company. The company is responsible for improving the quality of life of its staff and members and by creating appropriate contexts and favorable organizational culture to manage human resources. will do. The company considers its human resources as its highest asset. 

Minroium Mission

Our mission is to create beauty, comfort, happienss and satisfaction for minronium customers.

We fulfill our mission through the design and production of beautiful and efficient furniture and decoration eccessories.

Company Vision

 Minronium wants to be truted and the first choice of coustomers in the design and production of furniture and decoration accessories in postmodern minimal and rustic style.

History of Minronium

Minronium following several years of valuable and meaningful experienes and practical and technical expertise of the founders and relying on the knowledge, skills and competencies of its managers and speciulist colleagues in the wood industry and furniture prodution and interior decoration, uin a professional and organized manner from in the middle of 2018, he entered the field of produvtion and sale of furniture products and decoration accessories in the competitive and diverse markets of wood and funiture industries. 

the subject of minroniums activities 

  • - building a workshop and factory for the production of all kinds of internal and external residential and tourist furniture with minronium brand.-design and production of kitchen eabinets. 
  • - production and supply of all kinds of decoration accessories.
  • - creating an online store for the sale of minronium products and similar goods accepted by other furniture manufacturers with minronium products.
  • - preparation and supply puechase, online sale and distribution of all necessary decorations and furniture according to minroniums standards and style of design and production,
  • - creating an exhibition and store and sales network, to sell all minronium products and products related and similar to the subject of the companys activities.