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   Introduction of Minronium                                                 

Philosophy of Minronium

By combining art and knowledge and creating beauty and comfort, Minronium gives meaning and happiness to our lives and customers by designing and manufacturing all kinds of furniture, villas, residential and tourism complexes, decoration. By making comfortable, creative and beautiful products, Minronium provides effective factors through architecture and engineering to create a better lifestyle for customers, and thus gives meaning to its existence. Certainly, having a beautiful and comfortable house that has lasting comfort, requires observing the rules and principles of the right art of architecture and engineering in designing and building all parts and sections and choosing the right materials, equipment and facilities and artistically combining them in the structure. It is the space and environment of the house. Creating lasting comfort for others in life requires a deep knowledge and understanding of the needs of life and the hidden and deep desires of customers. It is not possible to stabilize comfort in the home environment without an understanding of the demands of modern man advancing in the age of communication and information. Using the findings of humanities and social sciences, Minronium tries to provide the necessary basis by creating functionalist infrastructures in the architecture of buildings and houses and making furniture and beautifying its environment in forms converging with content and efficiency. To create systems with output, Create through the resources available for construction and architecture. 

Wealth and the ability to create comfort, happiness and well-being for people, is possible with learning, apprenticeship, reason and artistry. Good thinking, as a result of knowing, becomes the basis of good speech and good deeds. Minronium is a bridge from the world of knowledge and science to the world, the revelation of a semantic practice in combining art and architectural knowledge, which is a symbol of the ability, knowledge, art and culture of a nation. We want to fulfill our responsibilities to our customers by using the new knowledge of construction and the art of architecture and the development of professional culture. We hold ourselves accountable for the well-being of Minronium customers.

 Minronium Worldviews and Perspectives

The beginning of Sedentary and the monogamy of the two basic building blocks of several thousand-year-old civilizations. The vital role of residential buildings is very important in creating security, comfort and physical and mental well-being of the people. Due to the necessary effects of construction on individual and social survival of human beings and the quality of life of families and citizens, from the very beginning, construction has required the necessary attention and focus of engineers, architects, artists, cultural and social intellectuals and governments.

Architects and engineers have succeeded in creating lasting architectural works by making proper use of the scientific and experimental findings and technologies of their time. The comprehensive attention of architects and builders to meet the broad needs of people in the design and construction of buildings and dwellings in diverse climatic conditions, has become the main factor in creating lasting and beautiful architectural works in both parts of the world. Today, we take an in-depth and analytical look at these architectural works, the way of thinking and worldview, principles, values, culture and lifestyles and social relations of people, the status of classes, the status of strata and the type of livelihood and economic and political system. We find dominance over them.

In order to realize its vision and fulfill its mission, Minronium, by using the science and art of architecture of its predecessors and learning from the experiences of engineers in construction, and by studying and analyzing the works of architecture and engineering with its initiative and creativity, Looking for new ways and methods in designing, architecture and building villas and doing the subject of the company's activities. In order to meet the wide and diverse needs of customers by using innovative methods in combining efforts to increase the quality of work, Minronium also seeks economic solutions.

We know that the source of all success is the existence of an outstanding organization, and in our company, this is always evolving and evolving. Empowering the company and increasing its capabilities and gaining customer satisfaction and creating value for them, is the main goal of our company. In competitive markets, we recognize the creation of sustainable customer satisfaction as the only way to grow and develop a company's business. To achieve this, we have built Minronium with the following four properties.

1- Delivering value to the customer and creating value for him.
2- Observing the principles of comprehensive and sustainable development in design and construction.
3- Ensuring the benefit of all stakeholders of activities.
4- Empowering the company and increasing organizational capabilities with the aim of constantly improving the quality of production and performance

Minronium will perform better than its competitors in order to satisfy customers, meet their needs and create value for them. We will always be responsible and committed to the needs and wants of our customers. And we consider this way as the only sure way to earn profit and survival and growth and development of the company. The company is responsible for improving the quality of life of its staff and members and by creating appropriate contexts and favorable organizational culture to manage human resources. will do. The company considers its human resources as its highest asset. 

Minroium Mission

Our mission is to create comfort, beauty and happiness in the place of living.

We seek to fulfill our mission by building beautiful and efficient villas, complexes and furniture. 

Company Vision

We want Minronium to be trusted and the first choice of those who want comfort and beauty from their place of residence. 

History of Minronium

Minronium was established at the end of 1398, following several years of diverse managerial and executive experiences of its founders in the field of businesses related to the subject of the company's activities and relying on the knowledge and competencies of its members.

Subject of the company's activities

- Design, architecture, engineering, contracting, implementation and construction of villas and residential and tourism units and complexes.
- Interior decoration and furniture, landscaping and beautification of interior and exterior spaces of villas and tourist centers.
- Construction of workshops and factories for the production of all materials, equipment and construction supplies and the manufacture of various decorative accessories and products for villa furniture and tourism complexes and kitchen cabinets, partitions and environmental furniture.
- Production, supply, purchase, sale and distribution of all construction materials, equipment and facilities (electricity, water, gas, electronics and intelligence, wastewater treatment, air conditioning and sanitation, safety, etc.) and decoration requirements.
- Creating an exhibition and online store to sell all products related to the subject of the company's activities.
- Carrying out contracting affairs, related to the subject of activities.

Minronium Products

 Considering the subject of the company's activities and mission, it is divided into the following seven groups:

1- Design and construction of a villa.
2- Design and construction of residential complexes.
3- Design and execution of decoration.
4- Production of domestic and foreign furniture.

Design and construction of villas

The crystallization of architectural knowledge and art is revealed through design and construction. The minronium is the site of fusion, formation, and emergence. Minronium Architecture and Engineering Group, in designing and building all kinds of villas, combines reason and art in construction and gives a meaningful and logical answer to the wide needs of the stakeholders by creating beautiful and lasting works by giving meaning to the materials and work. Give. Using the style of postmodernism, observing the principles of sustainable development, considering cultural and architectural heritage, individual and social values, human convergence with nature, applying scientific, industrial and new technologies in the design and construction of villas based on Special climatic conditions seek to meet the maximum needs of the customers of the villas. 

Design and construction of residential complexes

Undoubtedly, the design and construction of residential complexes is a function of economic, social, geographical, resident population and their needs, resources and constraints, goals and desired outcomes of stakeholders. Therefore, the variety of effective factors in this regard has led the Minronium Architecture and Engineering Group to meet the needs of customers and create their comfort, security and material and spiritual well-being, such as visual beauty, selected architectural style, respect for Individuality and human personality, attention to the social needs of residents, giving importance to the family institution, vitality and happiness, health and environmental health, naturalism, principles of sustainable development and compliance with building standards and regulations, access to urban services in all And consider the engineering and construction stages of the complex. 

Design and execution of decoration

The breadth and depth of the factors influencing the decoration has made this work an interdisciplinary specialty. Decorators and architects at Minrunium, using an intertwined set of expertise and knowledge and skills of art, humanities, engineering and findings of other sciences, through a logical combination of structure, shape and application, with Designing and executing decorations give meaning, happiness, well-being, mental satisfaction, lasting comfort to our living space and make life pleasant, beautiful and enjoyable for us. From the point of view of Minronium, the division of architecture and decoration into common parts of interior, exterior, facade, landscaping and environment, only in order to do the right thing and use the relevant and complementary specialties and divide the design and An executive operation has been carried out.

 Production of domestic and foreign furniture

 The effect of furniture on the beauty of the living environment and the comfort of the users is a function of proper and artistic design, quality of construction, raw materials and its constituent elements. In order to fulfill your desires in designing and manufacturing furniture, Minronium combines artistically and engineering the four main indicators of quality, "beauty", "practicality", "standard" and "strength" with the economic index "reasonable price", as The five main scales and by logically linking them with the architectural space and decoration of the place of use, customer culture and lifestyle, relationships and social status, age and gender, environment and geographical conditions, try to produce products with the quality you want, dear customers.

 Design and construction of tourism complexes

The design and construction of tourism complexes is a function of the marketing environment, business plan and its location. Tourism complexes can be divided based on the subject of activity, type of services, diversity of use and target markets, in combination with climatic conditions. Considering these cases, Minronium divides tourism complexes according to application-geography and believes that by combining influential climatic factors and conditions with the subject of complex activities and by defining certain applications for complex buildings, it is possible to Artistic intelligence and basic engineering achieved an architectural and engineering design that is ultimately desirable to the entrepreneurs and managers of the complex and its customers (tourists as exploiters).

Minronium Store

Minronium online store has been set up with the aim of supplying all the main construction materials, coatings, facilities, equipment, furniture, decoration accessories, building chemistry and construction tools. To meet the needs of architects, engineers and building builders, we have two indicators of "optimal quality" (with the necessary certification and standards, technical specifications approved by experts, complete and required application, meet the needs of all stakeholders and Effective in building quality, correct industrial design, with a trusted brand and after-sales service) and "reasonable price" are the main head and scale of evaluation and selection of goods of Minronium store.

Types of minronium services

1- Contracting
2- Location consulting
3- Improvement and reconstruction
4- Maintenance of the villa
5- Complex maintenance